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Covid-Safe School Photography

To ensure and maintain a safe environment for pupils, staff and photographers we have been implementing the following measures in respect of Covid-19.

Social Distancing

Social Distancing

Social distancing of 2m will be maintained in all aspects of the photo-shoot wherever possible.

We will make reasonable attempts to create a barrier, such as using a desk, between the photographer and the subject to minimize any risk of contact.



We will aim to photograph all subjects standing rather than sitting. Where posing stools are used for younger children the school’s guidelines will be followed with regard to cleaning.

Our photographers will clean/disinfect all of their equipment before and after each photo-shoot.

Hand Washing

Health & Hygiene

Our photographers will maintain hygiene standards as per government guidelines on hand washing.

Appropriate PPE will be worn at all times where required. There will be no sharing of equipment. If more than one photographer is required to move equipment, gloves and masks will be used.

Daily Health Check

Daily Health Check

Our photographers are required to submit a Covid-19 Daily Health Check Declaration to us on the morning of any school visit. They have to declare:

  • They do not have a new and continuous cough
  • They do not have a temperature
  • They have not lost sense of taste or smell
  • They do not feel unwell
  • They do not share a home with anyone that is self isolating
  • They have not come into contact with anyone who is now confirmed or suspected to be positive for Covid-19; and
  • They have not been contacted by NHS track and trace service

If a photographer displays symptoms or starts to feel unwell during a photo-shoot, they have been instructed to stop work immediately and advise a member of the school staff.

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Effortless School Photography

A brand new streamlined school photography service from Stanley Baker Studios

At Stanley Baker Studios we never stop looking at innovative ways to improve our service.

If you have 1 minute and 3 seconds to spare, we would like to let you know about our fantastic new website that will completely revolutionise the school photography experience.

Our new site gives parents exactly what they have been asking for. An intuitive ordering system with fantastic flexibility. Providing schools a simple platform that allows easy access for uploading and downloading admin data that handles all parental enquiries.

Watch our quick video on the amazing benefits for schools and parents from our new website >> brings –

  • A system that takes care of all customer enquiries
  • Direct access to allow uploading and downloading of school admin data
  • Cashless ordering
  • Complimentary images for staff members
  • Commission
  • Free delivery options
  • Flexible photo packs that are customisable with different images

We built to deliver a seamless, time and labour saving process for schools through a system that engages parents more.
Thank you for reading; if you have any questions about our new system then please don’t hesitate to get in touch.

Make school photography effortless with Stanley Baker Studios.