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How to spend more time earning and less time culling & editing

Focus on your craft and give up the admin!

You could be spending up to 66% of your time on editing and culling compared with just 4% of your time actualy taking photographs (source: Your Perfect Wedding Photographer*).


Just because it’s a part of being a photographer doesn’t mean that it needs to be most of the photography job.


You could cut that time down to 0% if you wanted to, while still honing your craft and earning on digital and print purchases.


You can boost your income without adding to your editing workload; particularly in the quieter seasons.


Here are some ideas for growing your photography business:

  • Consider outsourcing your editing to a reputable photography company or specialised company. This will open up your diary to be able to shoot more often, knowing that culling and editing is taken care of.

  • Take on a permanent second shooter who works with you. That way you will be able to share the culling and editing load.

  • Just starting out? Consider BECOMING a second shooter. Improve your reputation and expand your portfolio without being fully responsible for booking, customer service, editing, culling, delivery, admin…

  • Don't 'undersell' yourself. By all means position yourself in the market according to your skillset and experience level, but don't charge less just to get an extra booking or two.


Expanding Horizons


Could you use the quieter seasons of autumn and winter to branch out and diversify your portfolio?


Explore different types of event or volume photography: sports, dance, clubs, schools, fetes, Christenings... use your imagination and get your name out there!


Here at teamphotoordering, all phtotographers are allowed the freedom to focus on and improve their talent without the distractions of admin, customer service and chasing up printers.


The focus here is on sport photography portraits, though you do not need specific exeprience in sport or volume photography to start booking clubs to shoot.


Fill out the form on this page if you would like a company with 58 years experience to handle your customer service, admin, printing, packing and shipping for a boost in your income (and it won't cost you a thing!).


*Wedding Photography Industry 2019 - 2020 survey results.

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