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School Photography: How to Choose the Best Company for your School

Hello, intrepid school leader, business manager, leader, or headteacher. You have come here in search of knowledge about school photography companies and what makes each different.

(Learn specifically about the Stanley Baker Studios experience HERE.)

To help you choose a new school photographer, here is a handy wishlist of things you might or might not expect from your chosen company (click or tap to view full size!).

Do feel free to download, print and scribble your thoughts all over it.

School photography companies are not all cut from the same mould.

Some specialise in photography for small, independent schools. While others, will be used to serving very large schools with 2500+ students.

A point on admin and customer service for you to think about. Daily admin for your school is unavoidable, but should you be taking care of the admin, customer service, collecting cash and distributing orders for your chosen school photographer?

You hire them to take photographs for your records and perhaps earn you a commission if desired. Not to run their business through you.

Other things to consider about school photography:

  • Are you looking for a local company, or a national one?

With sophisticated online systems now becoming the norm, there isn’t a specific advantage to either choice. Also, even if you choose a national company, the photographer on the day will be local to you.

  • Check your photography studio’s experience with your particular record system

Will they cover the license cost for you AND support you with importing the data? Many companies specialise in SIMS imports, but if you are using Arbor, pupil Asset or ScholarPack for example, it is worth checking their knowledge on this.

  • Think about the purpose of your photo day

Are you looking for simple record photos or for marketing content for your school? Are you willing to pay for a photo day, or do you need commission for a little fiscal easing this year?

  • Is there anything else you need, above and beyond standard services?

Do have these thoughts to hand when you speak to a company – it will be frustrating to build a relationship with someone only to find out that they can not provide what you need.

I hope that this has been useful in your quest to find a new school photographer.

Give 01255 242200 a call if you need any further help untangling the chaos of photo day 😊